District 65 presents middle school college and career plan

On Oct. 10, Kirby Callam, District 65’s Director of EvanSTEM, presented a middle school college and career progression plan to the School Board’s Policy Committee. 

“Every middle school student thinks, in some way, about what they want to be when they grow up,” says a District 65 Middle School Career Program Guide (“Guide”).  The District’s plan is to “capitalize on students’ natural energy and curiosity with a middle school career exploration program so all students can realize their college and career potential.”

The plan envisions that if students participate in meaningful and relevant career-based learning experiences and projects:

● “Students will build confidence through self-exploration and identity development,
● “Students will connect to career pathways and bridge avenues to high school courses and college majors, and
● “Students and families will make sense of and take advantage of the myriad career courses and resources available in Evanston.”

Last year, a diverse group composed of representatives of District 65, Evanston Township High School, Northwestern University, Oakton Community College, local employers, and after-school organizations developed the Guide, which sets forth the vision, values and rationale for the program, Callam told the RoundTable.

The plan does not address the rigor of the curriculum needed to prepare students for college and careers, nor does it set goals for student achievement.


District 65 presents middle school college and career plan