Educate about career ops beyond traditional degrees for best workforce

Florida’s bright future brings a new wave of employees ready to join the workforce, but how can we as business leaders ensure they have the necessary skills to match Florida’s economic needs? By 2030, Florida will be home to an additional 3.5 million more residents and will need to create 1.62 million net new jobs to sustain them and Florida’s growing economy. Diverse and uncharted growth requires innovative and strategic solutions toward talent acquisition and workforce development challenges.

Miller Electric proudly joins the efforts of the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Future of Work Florida Initiativeto build America’s best workforce and bring back the “coolness” of skilled trades.

“Talent is quickly replacing the tax incentive as the economic development tool of choice,” said Mark Wilson, president and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Developing the skilled workforce Florida’s growing economy needs will launch Florida businesses to the next level and will keep Florida competitive.