How a Fayetteville State University student wants to change healthcare

A Fayetteville State University student is one of 25 students from historically Black colleges and universities named as one of AT&T’s Dream in Black Rising Future Markers Class.  

FSU junior Iyana Beachem, 18, is one of the nationwide recipients.  

“Having the AT&T honor proves that anyone from my school and anyone from my background or who looks like me can do the same thing,” she said. “By receiving this award, I want to take it back to my campus to teach other students that there are similar or better opportunities for them, too, within their own gifts and paths.”  

The award honors HBCU students “who are making a positive impact in their communities and on their campuses,” and is “geared towards promoting young Black talent and ensuring they have access to the network and resources they need,” according to a news release.