ICTC’s new evening classes bring in music, crafts and more

Dec. 23—The Indian Capital Technology Center in Tahlequah has hosted adult evening classes for years, but it will be adding some new hobby-related courses for 2023.

Tony Pivec, ICTC superintendent, said the school has three categories of courses, focusing on certification, skill enhancement, and interest inventory.

“We try to serve our community in three different ways, like one for entry level could be EMT [or] dental assistant, those types of things for a career,” said Pivec. “The second one focuses on upskill and the third is more or less a hobby or interest-type of class. Our communities support us, so it’s another way for us to turn around and support their needs and interests.”

Pivec said adult evening classes add more culture to the area, and draw more personal interest from community members.

Mike Meigs, an ICTC adult career development specialist at the Tahlequah campus, said he builds the classes for the school. Some of the courses that will be returning for the adult evening classes include calligraphy, beekeeping, various Native American-based courses, crocheting, and guitar.

Meigs said some of their most popular classes are dog obedience training programs and knife-making.

Even though individuals have to be at least 18 years old to sign up for the courses, most are for a variety of ages, such as for computer classes for senior citizens.

“In the post-COVID years that we’re in now, people are interested in getting out and being with other people and doing fun things and learning new things,” said Meigs. “That’s what I sense from people. I sense that they are ready to work with each other and learn from each other and do fun things.”

Steve Cypert, an ICTC instructor, said it’s a nice change of pace for people to be social again after the pandemic.

“We got all we wanted of computers and cell phones over the pandemic. We’re getting back to getting to know real humans again,” said Cypert.

Cypert will be teaching several adult evening classes for ukulele, guitar, and film. He said offering programs over everything from beekeeping to guitar to senior citizen computer classes helps meet the needs of the community.

Ukulele, southeastern single-wall basket-weaving, and various cooking classes are among the school’s newest courses.

An optician assistant class is another of the newest this year, with ICTC working in coordination with some Northeastern State University instructors.

“The intro class is going to see if it will pique their interest in that program. Eventually, they will be able to become full-blown assistants. They can go to work in any optometry shop or in any shop that makes glasses,” said Meigs.

Each class will have a one-time fee, which will be set at varying prices, depending on supplies and the number of hours the short-term courses will be.

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Enrollment for the adult evening classes are now open, with various start dates. For more information on class times and dates, go to https://www.ictech.edu/.