In the Spirit of Festivity: Kroger To Hire for Thousands of New Roles This Season

Kroger has announced that it is running hiring events to hire thousands of people as it prepares for the upcoming festival season. The family of companies also promises the opportunity for people to convert their jobs into long-term careers. Read more about it here and discover why it matters.

Last week, Kroger, a well-known American grocery retailer, announced that its family of companies is looking to hire thousands of people as they get ready for the upcoming holiday season and beyond. The company is looking for talent in ecommerce, retail, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, merchandising, pharmacy, corporate, and healthcare roles. The company is further positioning these roles as opportunities for people to build careers in the long term with the grocery chain.

Announcing the news, Tim Massa, senior vice president and chief people officer, Kroger, said, “As we prepare for a memorable holiday season for our associates and customers, we are seeking to hire new associates, not just for the season but to join the Kroger Family of Companies and embark on a career. We are committed to offering associates a culture of opportunity and career with purpose, competitive pay and benefits and flexible schedules. We truly want our associates to come for a job and discover a career while meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs.”

Kroger Offers Benefits, Resources, and Training

The grocery retailer further said that it is offering benefits, resources, and training to support and develop its employees. According to the company, the following are some of the benefits and support it will provide:

  • Wages and benefits: The company claimed to provide competitive salaries and healthcare, and retirement benefits.
  • Education and tuition reimbursement: The company’s reimbursement program is expected to offer up to $21,000 for both full-time and part-time employees and cover education, from GED courses to Ph.D. programs.
  • Training and development: The company promises to provide on-demand and role-specific training and resources. It also promises career advancement, leadership, and DEI training.
  • Health and wellness: The company is expected to provide access to resources, such as its “The Well-Being Assistant,” where employees can avail of free counseling sessions round the clock. The retailer also provides access to its wellness platform, which employees can use to practice yoga, mindfulness, and sleep.
  • Perks and discounts: Lastly, the company is expected to provide flexible scheduling, advance payment options, and various discounts on groceries, streaming services, electronics, and travel, among others. 

The company has already started its virtual hiring events and plans to continue them throughout November.

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Kroger’s Pitch Comes With a Twist

This is not the first time Kroger has announced an employment event. The Kroger family of companies has been running hiring events from time to time. One recent hiring event was in April to fill more than 20,000 openings. However, this time, the pitch comes with a twist.

Most of the previous events were one-day events highlighting the number of roles that needed to be filled. However, the event extends to a few weeks this time. The company also wants to hire people for the long term. Further, it is inviting people to also apply for entry-level positions for internships, which can eventually grow into full-time employment.

Why This Matters

The employment market is currently going through upheaval due to rising inflation and economic uncertainties. Many companies have stopped hiring; some are laying off people anticipating the upcoming recession. According to a study by 15Five, 68% of HR leaders said the economic downturn affected their hiring ability. 

That said, many companies are continuing to hire. Koger’s intention to fill up thousands of positions and extend them to possible full-time employment comes as a hope for candidates and employees who are currently concerned about the job market. Further, the benefits and perks offered by Koger can inspire other organizations to implement the appropriate steps to attract and retain their valuable talent in these uncertain times.

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