Simple tips to help you get education loan easily

Follow these tips to get through the hassle of getting an educational loan.

How to get an education loan

How to get an education loan

By India Today Web Desk: When looking to study at a prestigious institute in India or abroad, you might need to take an education loan to meet the increasing cost of higher education. There are many factors that will affect whether the education loan process is going to be easier for you or not.

In this article, we talk about some valuable tips that can help smooth the process of getting an education loan for students in India.

Getting an educational loan, especially a big one for studying abroad, is not as simple as it might sound. The process of getting an education loan in India can be troublesome and lengthy. This is because a lender will consider everything from your credit history and the loan amount to the type of institution to which you’re planning to get admission.

Here’s everything you can do to ensure a smooth educational loan process:


The more famous the institute, the better are your chances of getting your education loan approved. This is because it is easier for the lender to trust a reputable institute and it will boost their confidence in your ability to pay back the loan after graduating from that institute.

Many students choose a foreign institute that costs less but is also less known or unheard of. This, however, might make the process of getting an education loan difficult or the lender might ask for high-value collateral or security against the loan.

If you are confused, simply ask your bank or lender for the list of universities and courses for which they can offer special benefits, such as lower interest rates and/or no collateral.


Thanks to the growing number of private lenders and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) in India, there is no shortage of options for someone looking to get a loan. That said, banks aren’t your only option to get an education loan for higher studies.

Trying your luck with multiple lenders, including banks, NBFCs, and other private organisations, both Indian and international (for study abroad), will open more doors for you and increase the probability of getting a loan easily and quickly.

When selecting a lender, compare your options based on the rate of interest, loan terms, repayment period, and the need for collateral, among other things.


Another thing that you would need to ensure an easy loan process is a good credit score. A credit score is decided based on your lending and repayment history. If you have ever taken out a loan or used credit cards, you may already have a credit score, which you can check for free online.

Having a good credit score means that you can be trusted to pay back your loans on time, which increases your chances of getting an education loan quickly.


When looking to study at a prestigious institution, consider alternatives such as scholarships to pay the cost of education. Many institutions offer scholarships to students based on their academic and extracurricular activities.

See if you are eligible for any of these. Even if you can manage to get a partial scholarship from a respected organisation such as the Tata Group, getting a loan for the rest of the amount should become much easier as the lender might be much more inclined to trust a scholarship holder as a candidate for an education loan.

The article is authored by Mr. Amit Gupta, MD, SAG Infotech