Why are more people switching to online higher education? | Bega District News

Explore the reasons you should pursue further education at SCU Online. Picture by Shutterstock

Have you considered further education?

Whether your passion lies in fields as vast as engineering or nursing, you may have chosen to pursue future study. Campus studies, however, can be tricky – particularly if you have existing obligations such as family and ongoing employment.

Fortunately, for the modern student, advances in high-speed computing technologies have allowed for further education to become broadly accessible to students from all over Australia.

Whether you live in the city or in some of the most isolated regions in Australia, an online higher education option may be available.

Let’s explore some of the reasons that you may wish to pursue further education at SCU Online.

Distance learning – the world at your fingertips

A traditional university environment can be a stuffy experience. In a classroom all day, you may not have the opportunity to immerse yourself in your own endeavours.

For some, that can be particularly difficult – where some may wish to engage collaboratively, while others may wish to pursue a course, on their own terms.

Fortunately, online learning provides a variety of learning options for students, meaning that in some cases, you could potentially take your studies overseas, without committing to a long-term and expensive transfer.

No matter what you choose to pursue, online studying can be an invaluable experience. For those with young families, it may even be more profound – enabling parents to spend more time with their children, while also being committed to the provision of high-quality education.

Your choice – study paths for your interests

People are inherently diverse, and as such, the things that you, your family, or your friends are interested in may diverge wildly. While it may seem like online education is limited, in fact, it opens up a broad range of possibilities.

This is great, whether you know exactly what to study, or if you’re a little unsure, and are looking to explore what may be available to them.

Even if you have an existing degree, and are a graduate looking to upskill your domain expertise, there may be courses available as well. In fact, no matter whether your particular interests, career options are available in as varied fields as Business, Health, or Law.

Whether you want to hone your craft in information technology or pursue a career in mental health, there may be an option out there just for you.

At your own pace – learning options

One of the pitfalls of a university is typically the rigid, inflexible structure for students. For example, if you’re an engineering student studying on campus, you may be forced to attend lectures on campus several days a week, for a twelve to thirteen-week period.

For students that have existing commitments, such as full-time work, parenting, or other family commitments, that sort of tightly wound regimen can be extremely distressing. Fortunately, online learning allows students to bypass the difficulties of attending a physical class, by providing online sessions where a student can tune in.

Can’t get to a class? Fortunately, there are catch-up options available, with most sessions recorded and material provided in a way that you can study at your own pace, on your own terms.

Perhaps you’re looking to take a break? For many online courses, you study subjects in six, smaller intensives over the course of the year.

Where you may need to take a semester off if you were studying in person, for online learning, you’re able to form a study plan that works around your own, unique issues. That can be handy, particularly if unprecedented events happen – life works in strange ways.

Student support, tailored for you

An online course can often seem intimidating to outsiders. For example, studying alone can be an isolating experience for those that are not necessarily accustomed to it.

For those that require assistance, there’s a dedicated Student Support Advisor on hand, available to answer your queries as they arise. They’re able to help you get ready for study, and link you to resources and tools that may help you plan your study.

Hopefully, this article has helped to provide some insight into why many students are exploring online education pathways. If you’re looking to take the next step, it would be highly recommended to speak to an academic advisor and see what options are available for you.